The Walking Dead: Beginning of the End

Posted by Owen quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombi Blues This is it; the beginning of the final run of the Walking Dead as we come up against the Commonwealth. With such a deviation from the comic books how will they truly end the show? It all begins here…..

Zombie Blues: The Zombie Who Would Be King

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues Up until this point we have met ordinary people, the people like you and me, living the rat race. In the Zombie Who Would Be King we go for royalty to see the zombie experience from their perspective. So we meet King Maurice BeldranoContinue reading “Zombie Blues: The Zombie Who Would Be King”

Zombie Blues: Wannabe Zombie

By Owen Quinn Copyright Owen Quinn What if your dream was to be a zombie on your favourite undead show and Mother Nature turned that dream into a nightmare? If you watch the documentaries about the making George Romero’s zombie movies you will hear the tale of how ordinary townsfolk heard he needed zombies forContinue reading “Zombie Blues: Wannabe Zombie”

Zombie Blues: No Dentures Zombie

By Owen Quin author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues Jesus, the indignity of it all. Mother Nature destroyed the Belfast bingo halls! Life’s tough enough without having no bingo to go even if it does smell of piss and death. If I had thon bitch Mother Nature by the throat right now I’dContinue reading “Zombie Blues: No Dentures Zombie”

Zombie Blues: Vegetarian Zombie

By Owen Quinn Copyright Owen Quinn Doing a Vegetarian Zombie is one of the most obvious choices to be included in the first batch of zombies in Zombie Blues volume one. Part of Mother Nature’s insidious plan is to take that which is most precious to us moral wise and twist it to something toContinue reading “Zombie Blues: Vegetarian Zombie”