Magazines & Anthologies

Featuring my new article Doctor Who How The Time less Children Completely Screws Doctor Who and much, much more! Get your copy by clicking on this link
What happens when your blind faith consumes you to the edge of insanity? Featuring the Time Warriors story The Bigfoot Freak by Owen Quinn

What happens when a man who cannot die is faced with his terminally ill friend? Find out in The Time Warriors The Moon Once More story by Owen Quinn in this anthology.
Phantasmagoria Magazine #5 featuring a Peter Cushing tribute by author Owen Quinn
Featuring the great article ‘How The Doctor Lost His Balls?’ on the casting of a female Doctor Who
Featuring Owen Quinn’s article on the chilling villain Straker from Salem’s Lot
Featuring the legendary Stan Lee tribute article by Owen Quinn
Featuring the Rogue One article by Owen Quinn on why we never needed to explain why there was a hole in the Death Star because it undermines the entire first trilogy.
Featuring Owen Quinn’s article Did The Walking Dead Suffer With Rick’s Departure?
Owen Quinn looks at Stranger Things season 3 in this issue
Featuring a brand new interview with Owen Quinn discussing all things Time Warriors and Zombie Blues
Featuring Owen Quinn’s two interviews with Doctor Who legends Sophie Aldred and writer Terrance Dicks as well as the complete Zombie Blues story ‘Cross Dresser Zombie’
Double whammy as Owen Quinn interviews the Fog and Escape from New York star Adrienne Barbeau and my first collaboration article with my buddy Stepehen Mooney on Luke Skywalker ‘Rebel Without A Cause.’
Featuring my exclusive interview with Star Trek Deep Space 9 very own Cardassian Damar, Casey Biggs
Featuring my interview with monster actor Douglas Tait discussing Star Trek and Jason versus Freddy amongst other things
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