Zombie Blues: Vegetarian Zombie

By Owen Quinn Copyright Owen Quinn

Copyright Owen Quinn

Doing a Vegetarian Zombie is one of the most obvious choices to be included in the first batch of zombies in Zombie Blues volume one.

Part of Mother Nature’s insidious plan is to take that which is most precious to us moral wise and twist it to something to se4ve her purposes like Dog Lover Zombie that now eats canines instead of rescuing and nurturing them. Making a vegetarian now eat the flesh of anything that moved is cruel enough as part of her vengeance on humanity so I thought it would interesting to see exactly what becoming a zombie would be on someone like this. It would be an obvious move to make the character the usual stereotypical image.

Given I wanted to give the book a global flavour to show this was happening all over the planet, I went for a different direction. Setting Vegetarian Zombie in Japan and making it a chef named Lee Quan. Lee learned everything he knew about safe healthy food from his late grandmother and opened his own restaurant to continue her traditions. However as I wrote it I realised I wanted to make this something special rather than eat your vegetables kids message. I elevated Lee’s healthy eating lifestyle as an examination of his relationship with his grandmother. The food reflects their deep love for each other and her trust in Lee to continue the traditions the family had carried all these years.

Vegetarian Zombie quote extract: ‘Anyone can cook food but how many truly understood the nature and flow of it all? Do you think the people serving MacDonald’s really thought about the food or the impact on you? A meal should be part of your life experience, not fast or junk as is the norm these days. It should enrich you, inspire you just as she inspired me.’

The Japanese are very spiritual where they believe the dead never leave us and continue to exist watching over us. It was a thematic flavour I wanted to capture with Lee and bring an optimistic viewpoint in the battle with Mother Nature. His restaurant was a representation of his grandmother where he felt her spirit every day urging him on. Lee believes that his life as a zombie will ultimately help humanity and his decaying body will help bring forth a new generation of good food from the ground. No matter what happens, Mother Nature hasn’t won yet.

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