Zombie Blues: Wannabe Zombie

By Owen Quinn Copyright Owen Quinn

Copyright Owen Quinn designed by Conaire McMullan

What if your dream was to be a zombie on your favourite undead show and Mother Nature turned that dream into a nightmare?

If you watch the documentaries about the making George Romero’s zombie movies you will hear the tale of how ordinary townsfolk heard he needed zombies for this movie. At that, everybody came to be in the movie for free just for the chance to be a member of the undead for the day. With the onslaught that is the Walking Dead, every one and his brother would give anything just to be a zombie on the show. Yep, that includes me too. I wouldn’t care what sort of zombie I was but I’d love to say I was a zombie on the show preferably one of the strange ones like moss coered zombie or underwater zombie.

Copyright Owen Quinn

So meeting a character that would suffer the old adage to be careful what you wish was just too compelling to ignore. So we meet Miles Milligan, a lifelong fan of horror who inherited his passion from his parents. While I couldn’t use the name Walking Dead in case they sued me I created the Shambling Death show where everyone wants to be a Shambler. Some want it to make money off the convention circuit while Miles only wants it for self fulfillment. Although I have to say Walking Dead creators I really love the show. I have been to two Walker Stalkers and broke my shoulder the night before I was to meet Michonne and Carl actors, Danai Gurira and Chandler Riggs. I made it too despite the pain and have the photos to prove it. Even when the world was dissing it I kept the faith and praised the show. The Whisperers were the scariest thing in forever on the show. Before the show ends let me be a zombie please!!!

Anyway Miles gets to go to a Shambling Death convention to meet their version of the classic character Daryl Dixon. Miles goes overboard to be the best cosplay zombie ever in the hope he gets noticed and invited to appear as an extra on the show. But things don’t go to plan as the convention is attacked and Miles becomes a real zombie trapped on the set of the show he desperately wanted to appear in. Wannabe Zombie explores themes of tempting fate and sometimes focusing on the right things in life at the wrong time. It also breaks the fourth wall where a fantasy show becomes real life.

To get your copy and see Miles’ journey click here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Zombie-Blues-Owen-Quinn/dp/1717802257/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=zombie+blues+owen+quinn&qid=1613853275&sr=8-1

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