Phantasmagoria Special Edition #4: Ramsey Campbell out now

Posted by Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

Cover by Adrian Baldwin

A dedication to one of the true literary greats — Ramsey Campbell! Featuring a sublime collection of contributions by Ramsey Campbell himself and many of his friends, colleagues and family over the last few decades, including Eddy C. Bertin, S.T. Joshi, Stephen King, Alison Littlewood, David Mathew, Kim Newman and Michael Marshall Smith, with commentary by Clive Barker, Jonathan Carroll, Jeremy Dyson, Harlan Ellison, Jo Fletcher, Neil Gaiman, Thomas Ligotti, RC Matheson, Adam Nevill, David J. Schow, Lisa Tuttle and many more! Also featuring artwork by Randy Broecker, Dave Carson, Les Edwards, Eddie Jones, Stephen Jones, Allen Koszowski, Jim Pitts, Pete Von Sholly and Joe X. Young!

To get your copy click on this link

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