The Adventure Continues on Amazon

Copyright Owen Quinn

The Time Warriors: The Beginning

They came from a world torn apart in a time experiment gone wrong. Their key to infinity became their death knell. One stray bullet in the wrong place at the wrong time and life changed forever.

The last survivors of Xereba, huddled together in the Juggernaught, a military spacecraft, were led to Earth by the vision of one man. Varran, the man who had unlocked the key to time travel, had seen the future; a darkness was coming to consume creation itself. The last battlefield would be on a blue green planet in a system of nine; Earth.

 Now they live among us, obeying our laws since the 19th century while Varran watches alone from the Juggernaught. They could be the lollipop man, your best friend, the banker or the old lady that watches the world sitting in her favourite chair from behind net curtains. When darkness falls they will be waiting. Now Varran, the man who doesn’t age, along with Jacqueline, Jacke for short, Michael and Tyran, all descendants of the Xereban race are the guardian angels of Earth.

They don’t know when or what form the darkness will take but they know it is coming. Earth must be protected. They are the Time Warriors. These are their stories.                        

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