Heroes of the Time Warriors: Jacko The Sasquatch

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

Jacko concept by Stephen Mooney

It’s no secret that I have huge love of Bigfoot. All we need is that one piece of indisputable proof that these creatures really exist. So when I created the Time Warriors there was no way I wasn’t going to have the big hairy giants fight alongside the Warriors.

In a way it is a blessing in disguise that the Sasquatch remain so elusive, walking in shadow in the mists of myth and legend. That leaves us writers free to shape the legend to our stories and cherry pick all the bits of common lore to fit our adventures.

It’s fair to say I have watched and read every bit of material on the subject of Bigfoot so when I read of the real life events concerning an alleged young Bigfoot named Jacko, that was all I needed to introduce that into the Time Warriors universe. The story goes that some loggers captured the young Bigfoot along some tracks. Baffled by its appearance , they arranged for a showman to take him at a price. Jacko was en route to be exhibited in a sideshow when he disappeared from the train never to be seen again; at least to the rest of the world.

Varran rescued him and that brought the Xereban into the lives of the Native Americans with whom he became a trusted friend. In the story Red Water Varran and Jacko cross paths one again when a demon from a prison dimension breaks through into our reality. Blamed on a murder he didn’t commit, Jacko must take down the monster before the crack between worlds collapses.

We explore the Bigfoot mythology revealing what they really are and the reasons behind why they are so elusive. I always loved those Marvel punch ups between the Hulk and an equally powerful behemoth like the Abomination so I brought that to the story too.

Jacko is our first look at what a real life Sasquatch behaves and acts. Having him aboard the Juggernaught is a great visual and brings moments of humour. Jacko is coming back in an upcoming book Return to Red Water where Bigfoot lore goes nova.

When the world is threatened with extinction, who better to have fighting on your side that Jacko the Sasquatch?

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