Heroes of Doctor Who: Amy & Rory Pond

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

Copyright BBC

Amy and Rory Pond are the longest serving companions of the new era of Doctor Who. And their journey has been unlike any experienced before by any other person to travel in the Tardis.

Young Amelia Pond lived with her aunt and was haunted by voices in the night that came from a crack in her wall. She prayed for someone to come help her and, on cue, a flaming Tardis with a newly regenerated eleventh Doctor crashed on her doorstep. Together they discovered a new found love for fish fingers and custard.

At first the Doctor couldn’t control the Tardis and he arrived back years in the future where Amy was all grown up, angry at having waited for him to come back. Even then, she saw the Doctor as a way out of her life and once Prisoner Zero had been defeated – the monster living in the crack in the wall  –  the Doctor disappeared on her again for another two years before coming back again to collect her. She cleared off with him without telling him her secret. She was running out on her groom to be the night before her wedding.

In the beginning, Amy was very obviously lusting after the Doctor and, in the most distasteful scene in the show, she threw herself on the bed seductively but the Doctor knew she confusedout and in came Rory Williams. Also first seen in the eleventh Doctor’s debut story, Rory found himself taken back to Venice to fight vampires and his dislike of how dangerous the Doctor was to normal people was never hidden.

He loved Amy from she was a child, as seen in Let’s Kill Hitler, but she thought he was gay until her error was pointed out by her daughter Melody, in the guise of Mels in the same episode. Rory joined them mid way through Matt Smith’s first season and, in Amy’s Choice, the Dreamlord’s twin reality trap makes Amy realize that Rory really is her true love when he is killed. And that became Rory’s trademark.

The man that dies again and again but keeps coming back to life. He dies in May’s Choice and is murdered by the Silurians in Cold Blood before being wiped from existence and Amy’s memories by a crack in time, a crack that would be revealed as the result of an exploding Tardis as seen in the Big Bang. But the other thing that makes Rory and Amy unique is their love for each other that not even the universe could stop.

Somehow Rory is reanimated as an Auton replicant in the guise of a Roman soldier. When he is activated his love for Amy stops him converting to a full Auton but is unable to stop himself killing her by shooting her in the stomach. He spends the next two thousand years protecting her inside the Pandorica, a prison designed by the Doctor’s enemies to keep him from destroying the universe but becomes the only thing keeping Amy alive until she emerges in the 21st century with her younger self as the universe is collapsing. Confused yet?

It turns out she was exposed to time energy for years by the crack in her bedroom wall which allows her to see beyond changing timelines, something which is further seen in The Wedding of River Song when she remembers two realities; one where the Doctor is murdered at Lake Silencio and one where he isn’t. She has an office on a train covered in drawings of recalled adventures and even Rory is still in her memory. Only Amy remembers the universe as it was and was able to restore it when the Doctor sacrifices himself to reboot creation itself. And it is at her wedding that she is able to recall the doctor and bring him back from the dead.

For years she had told stories of her Doctor, the raggedy man, her imaginary friend and no one believed her. Until he turned up in the Tardis at her wedding on the dance floor. They told their families they were travelling Thailand when they both took full time positions in the Tardis. However their darkest hour was to come when at the end of The Almost People Amy was revealed to be a flesh avatar and the real one was being held prisoner in Demon’s Run by Madame K ovarian and her army. Rory had become a legend in history as the Last Centurion who had guarded his lost love in the Pandorica and in A Good Man Goes to War, the centurion comes back to face down the Cybermen as the Doctor gathers his team to storm Demon’s Run and rescue Amy and his baby Melody.

However, Amy’s exposure to the crack and her time travelling in the Tardis had left her baby part human and part Time Lord. And the trap had been set. The baby was successfully stolen and raised as the perfect weapon to kill the Doctor, a weapon that went by the name of River Song, the mystery woman that had helped them at various points in the series but always keeping her real identity a secret. When she revealed herself to be Amy and Rory’s daughter it was one of the highlights of the entire series.

Life with the Doctor had brought them pain as they lost their daughter and as we later discover, the experiments on Demon’ s Run left Amy infertile leading her to give Rory up and sign divorce papers. But, as usual, life with the Doctor showed their love was eternal and as they are trapped in the Asylum of the Daleks, Amy and Rory reunite.

They were also the first companions to be left behind to live a normal life and keep being visited by the Doctor again and again for adventures. As he tells Amy in The Power of Three, she and Rory were the first ones he met when he regenerated and they had burned themselves into his hearts. He is running towards them before they fade from his life just as he does with all the wonders in the universe. They are more a part of him than any other people he has met, especially when they become his mother and father-in-law when the Doctor has to marry River to bring history back on track with his death at Silencio. And they are the first to have sex on the Tardis.

It seems fitting that their final adventure in the Angels Take Manhattan that it is their love for each other that becomes the crux of the story. When Rory begs Amy to let him fall to his death to prevent the Angel farm from ever having existing, the viewer’s heart is breaking because these two are bonded together forever so when they commit suicide by throwing themselves off the top of the building, that beautiful slow motion shot of them in each other’s arms is the stuff of Greek tragedy.

However, with that timeline wiped, they all find themselves in a graveyard where the final heartbreaking irony happens. A lone Angel has survived and sends Rory back in time where no-one can help him, not even the Doctor. He is lost to them forever and Amy, as she chose in Amy’s Choice, knows her world is not worth living without Rory; that he is her world and the second she gives herself to the Angel to be with her husband as the Doctor screams in despair is so sudden and shocking that the only consolation the Doctor can give himself is that they are together and live a long life with one another.

Their journey is now ended, a journey that has left them in the past where all they have is each other. But in the end, take away the Doctor, the Tardis and all their adventures, and each other was all they ever needed.

The greatest love story ever told.

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