TW presents Defrost written by Laurence Doherty

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

Here at the Time Warriors, not only is it a vehicle to promote the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues book series but it also stands for all the other writers, actors, model makers, filmmakers and artists like me who are trying to make it. We do what we do because it’s part of us and trust me it’s not an easy journey.

Laurence Doherty is an extra, director but more prominently a writer whose latest feature Defrost is now doing the rounds at film festivals.

Defrost synopsis: After the death of Anne; a loving mother to Hazel and a devoted wife to Ted, Ted and Hazel find themselves drifting apart and Hazel feels like she is drowning in her Dad’s apathy. Unable to turn to Anne for help, Ted and Hazel are frozen beneath the surface of a fracturing family.

The heart of any good story has to be a human element which the audience can relate to. Identification like this is the hook that will transport the audience into your story which will help cement the events and characters into their minds. If an audience takes away a piece of your story away with them then that for me is a success.

For more information on Defrost’s cast and crew, check out the IDMb page by clicking on this link

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