The Butterfly People: The Lothari

‘Your pain is their pain.’

Soul Scream: Book 2 The Voalox Horror

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

all photos copyright Owen Quinn

Offering the Juggernaught’s assistance to an alien colony the Time Warriors discover a cover up. Jacke is suffering from crippling nightmares, Michael faces a bully and Tyran plays with fire. Varran plays a battle of wits with the Morda leader Veloras. While the deadline approaches and the Mordans prepare to leave the new colonists behind a secret is revealed; a secret that will reveal Jacke’s past. The angels are coming. When they finish there won’t be a child left on the colony.

In The Time Warriors book 2 The Voalox Horror is a story that is one of Jacke’s landmark stories. That story is Soul Scream.

Varran has discovered an alien colony being set up and offers his assistance so he can learn more about the space neighbouring Earth. Using the jump engine drive given to them by the Etherians, Varran takes the entire Juggernaught to the colony world.

Their offer of help is accepted by Citizen Veloras, leader of the installation of the Mordan colony. But Jacke is being plagued by nightmares. Some dark figure pursues her to the point it is affecting her health.

Despite the happy feeling shown by the Mordans the Time Warriors are not convinced all is well. They are right to be. The angels are secretly visiting the children and whispering sweet promises to them.

By the time the Warriors discover the colony is in fact a colony of exiles the angels arrive en masse taking all the children. Why exactly they do this I won’t reveal here (you have to read the book) but Jacke finds her past catching up to her. What could possibly link Jacke and alien children from another world? It’s a secret that Citizen Veloras is ready to kill to keep from public knowledge.

When I wrote Soul Scream it was while I was still a teenager. I always envisioned them as humanoid butterflies. I have always loved butterflies and their beautiful colours. They also have spirituality about them carrying the souls of those we have lost. When they appear it is a sign that those we have lost are saying hello. So choosing them as the aliens for this story was an easy choice for me. Indeed while researching this article I discovered that there is in fact an organisation called Butterfly Angels that support families who have lost a child. You only read these words but let me tell you, I have just had to catch my breath at learning that. I honestly didn’t know that and now Soul Scream is a beautiful story whose themes have now grown even closer to my heart.

The tall salamander like creature flexed its wings threateningly at them, snarling, its baby face creased with anger. It moved in front of the children who were walking into the light, their faces filled with joy.’

The Lothari are in fact good guys and protecting the children. They can sense the fear in a child across the dimensions like a spider can sense a fly trapped in one of its web strands. They cannot stand by and let the children suffer no matter the species so they take them to safety in their own dimension. They had to be graceful in design especially for the children to think they were angels of some type.

Little did I know until years later when watching the Sightings TV show that there was in fact a report of real life Butterfly People protecting children in 2011. After a tornado that struck the town of Joplin, Missouri, children told stories of the Butterfly People that protected them from the tornado. One family told of how one of the Butterfly People put its body across a hole ripped in the ceiling to prevent any debris getting through or anyone of them sucked up through the gap. There were even reports of the Butterfly People carrying off those close to death to the afterlife.

Science fiction and fantasy is a wonderful genre that is easily dismissed by many. But when you see things like this you have to wonder. Soul Scream is an important story written to show those individuals suffering in silence that there is always someone else somewhere that understands your pain. It’s a lesson that there is someone hearing you even if you don’t realise it and can offer a helping hand. Soul Scream for me is a message of hope that there really are guardian angels in the universe; that there are still good people in the world that can show you the true meaning of love and family.

To say I’m proud of this story is an understatement given what I have learned today. I’m happy to share.

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