Zombie Blues: The Kid Zombie

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

Copyright Owen Quinn and designed by Conaire Mcmullan

My name is Justin McCarthy. I live at 121 Cherry Lawn Drive and my Mom’s number is 555- 9041- 437. Her name is Catherine McCarthy and my Dad is Fred McCarthy. I’m nine years old. I have a gerbil called Yondo who I love more than my two sisters Mona and Carmel. That’s was what my parents told me to say if I ever got lost.

Kid zombies are a rare thing in the genre. The Walking Dead rarely show them except in silhouette. Most notably we had Carol’s daughter Sophia, the toy rabbit kid from the opening scene of the series and then Carol haunted by the outline of a child pawing at a frosted glass door. In Mutant we have a whole classroom full and in George A Romero’s Living Dead trilogy we see them being gunned down by Peter something the actor was not comfortable with.

We don’t want to see kid zombies because it’s a violation that something has hurt the very things we are committed to love and protect all their lives. We sacrifice, we make do just to ensure our kids have a happy childhood. So it was something I wanted to include and get a kid’s view of the zombie apocalypse. It also gave us a new perspective on the world as well as showing the mother part of Mother Nature meant nothing to her. One of our fears is to imagine one of our kids alone in this world which is why we see the best of people when a child goes missing sparking a community wide response o find them. With the zombie plague this network is gone so what is it like being a kid in this new undead world?

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