Zombie Blues: The Question Zombie

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

Copyright Owen Quinn


Every writer uses their stories as a sort of therapy to make sense of what’s in their head from existing in this crazy ride called life. The Question Zombie is a very personal one for me which I hope will reach out to those in a similar position.

A friend of mine of took their own life. They seemed to have everything yet somehow something inside him thought it was better for all to not be here any more. Now with my parents, one died unexpectedly while the other died of an illness so we knew what was coming. Despite that the one question that kept repeating in my head was ‘Why?’ I would look at other people whose parents were still alive and was jealous. If you let it the question will drive you crazy so you start looking at other things and methods to try and quell it in your head. But with suicide it never stops because you will always wonder why. You wonder was there something you missed or could have done but you are only torturing yourself. There is no easy answer but maybe talking to those who have gone through the same may bring you peace of some sort.

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