Zombie Blues: Dog Lover Zombie

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

We meet the various zombies that appear in the Zombie Blues books and learn the story behind their inclusion. This time up Dog Lover Zombie.

The thing about being a zombie is that like all evil, it takes the cocoon of normality and twists it into something the darkness can use against us.

In the first Zombie Blues book Dog Lover Zombie, it takes one of the most normal things in our lives and changes its meaning completely.

Most people have dogs or like dogs. YouTube is filled with dogs being protective of their families or sleeping beside new born babies.  We have dogs risking their lives for the police and armed forces and we have guide dogs performing a life giving service. There is no doubt that dogs are part and parcel of our lives to the point where they are seen as family members.

We are a world of dog lovers; indeed the very phrase conjures images of happy families with kids cuddling their pet. No one can question that. However in Zombie Blues land that phrase becomes something quite different.

The zombies in Zombie Blues are programmed to eat anything that moves and that includes our pets. So from the undead perspective being a dog lover becomes something quite unsettling. Now imagine loving dogs was not only your business but part of your very psyche.

In Dog Lover Zombie we meet our first celebrity zombie, Canine Ken. Ken has a successful show dealing with unruly and nasty dogs which is global hit.

He grew up in a home in Kansas where dogs were part and parcel of family life. His mother from an early age saw his gift with dogs which went beyond the norm. Ken had a psychic link with them bar one type in particular. He hates Chihuahuas. They have their own level of thought that goes beyond any other canine and Ken gave up on them after he was attacked by one on his show; his only failure but also his highest rated one ever.

When the apocalypse hits Ken immediately springs to save his animals. His deep love for his animals is returned when he is saved from being bitten by a zombie by Lucy one of his rescue dogs.

In real life Lucy was my son’s dog. She was everything this story projects about dogs; loyal and protective especially of him. It was only right that she feature in this story.  

Will the Zombie apocalypse destroy the millennia old bond between humans and their dogs? Has Mother Nature underestimated the strength of something that may well play a part in beating the armies of the undead?

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