The Venom of the Mentara: General Cade

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

Copyright Owen Quinn Mace wielding Mentara by Stephen Mooney

Every race of bad guys needs a leader. To date we have seen arachnoid Mentara harvesting parties in Celtic times, trapped in a pocket dimension with the Time Warriors and making deals with humans in a twisted version of history. They have made an impact with their ruthless hunt for human food which was made even more horrific by the revelation in Summer’s End.

Such was the horror of their biggest secret that Varran was sent on a path to ensure the Mentara are stopped once and for all by any means necessary. Despite the data gathered from their previous encounters Varran cannot find anything leading to the location of the Mentara homeworld. So when a trip to the old Wild West in the latest book The Belbridge Mystery brings the Time Warriors to the Mentara homeworld Varran is faced with something that will challenge his very morals.

For this story we delve deeper into the Mentara culture than ever before so the Mentara needed a face; a main villain to give Varran someone to go head to head with.

To that end General Cade was born.

With the Mentara being tarantula centaurs the size of racehorses how could I make Cade stand out? Well if you think a Mentara warrior like Spiderman then Cade was going to be Venom.

Copyright Owen Quinn Mentara concept drawn by Stephen Mooney

What the Mentara are, why they do what they do is all down to Cade and his late father Hannon. When their world fell, Cade lost his entire family save for his father.

When a cruiser from the future fell to the surface, Cade and his father were able to scavenge the technology for themselves and begin the slow restoration of Mentar. It was also this ship that brought a life saving food source- human bodies.

From there and to protect this new trophy from the myriad of other rabid survivors the Dead Zone was created. Hannon saw within his son the fire needed to rebuild their world into a newer more secure power base. Hannon swore that never again would Mentar fall so far or the people turn on each other.

Using the new addictive human food source, Hannon was able to enhance its effects on Mentara biology. Using Cade as his test subject, it made the young Mentara bulkier and bigger than any existing Mentara. His muscled exterior reflects his iron will and determination which he utilises to full effect to rally the people into a unified force. The addictive human flesh inadvertently allows Cade to bring the people to his way of thinking.

Ruthless beyond words, Cade will think nothing of ripping the spine from any of his troopers for the slightest slip in protocol. When Hannon dies Cade carries on his father’s work and creating the Conglomerate, hi power base for controlling all Mentar.

Power is everything and that power secures Cade’s way. As long as the people are fed then their loyalty is without question. Cade relies on this but the emergence of the Nasgul, a mutant version of the Mentar along with the arrival of the Time Warriors threatens his entire power structure.

The race is on for Cade to eradicate both threats before they unravel Mentara society. He has guarded what lies in the Dead Zone for very good reason; a reason that not even Varran will discover until they meet again.

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