Why doesn’t the Doctor believe in ghosts?

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues Doctor Who is widely regarded as the best and longest running sci fi show in the world, encapsulating everything from alien monsters, time travel, parallel worlds and virtually every sci fi idea in the universe including landing in a Land of Fiction in theContinue reading “Why doesn’t the Doctor believe in ghosts?”

Christian Saunders Tethered out now

Posted by Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues Craig, a journalism graduate trying desperately to get a foothold in a fading industry, is going nowhere fast. While searching for a project to occupy himself, he stumbles across a blog written by a girl called Kami about internet rituals – challenges undertakenContinue reading “Christian Saunders Tethered out now”

John Nevel’s The Reservation out now!

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriros and Zombie Blues The year was 1920. In a small town called Volger sat a well known Inn. It was filled with a past of murder and secrets. Almost a century later, Michael West makes a reservation for him and his sister… a reservation that brings withContinue reading “John Nevel’s The Reservation out now!”