Trevor Kennedy’s Crown of Thorns out now!

Posted By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues On the outskirts of Belfast in the late 1980s, a thirteen-year-old boy finds his life irrecoverably changed when he becomes embroiled in a mystery connected to the violent death of a young woman, centuries old witchcraft trials, a sinister ice-cream van, and anContinue reading “Trevor Kennedy’s Crown of Thorns out now!”

Adrian Baldwin’s The Snowman and the Scarecrow

By Owen Quinn In THE SNOWMAN AND THE SCARECROW – the closest the author will ever come to writing a ‘family’ story – young Joe’s grandfather collapses as they’re building their traditional Christmas snowman. (Always a festive downer when that happens.)With Wilf in hospital, and as a way of coping, the boy searches for theContinue reading “Adrian Baldwin’s The Snowman and the Scarecrow”

Adrian Baldwin’s Stanley McCloud Must Die

By Owen Quinn Death can be a real downer. Just ask Stanley McCloud. The ancient and inveterate gambler has just found out he hasn’t long to live. Refusing to believe his prognosis, though, Stan places a massive bet that he will reach his next birthday. Surely, his run of bad luck can’t last!Unfortunately for StanContinue reading “Adrian Baldwin’s Stanley McCloud Must Die”