David Brilliance’s Midnight Treasury: The 100 Greatest Horror Films Out now

Posted by Owen Quinn author of the Time warriors and Zombie Blues

Welcome, and prepare to enter a house that drips blood, inhabited by Alligator People, a Wolfman, and an Exorcist, before setting off on a race with the Devil that begins at Eden Lake and ends at the Monster Club. Or contemplate the Skull, whilst spending time in the Crypt, with some Crazies from beyond the grave… But don’t be afraid of the dark! DAVID BRILLIANCE is your host for his personal round-up of 100 of the most frightening, entertaining, gruesome, influential and famous horror films ever made, arranged in chronological order and with original film posters, plenty of spine-chilling stills and artwork. There’s something for everyone at the Midnight Treasury.

Get your copy today by clicking here https://www.amazon.co.uk/David-Brilliances-Midnight-Treasury-Greatest/dp/B091DWW86X/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2SBB8MD40SJ0U&dchild=1&keywords=david%20brilliance%20midnight%20treasury&qid=1617826359&sprefix=david%20brill%2Caps%2C176&sr=8-1&fbclid=IwAR1YZ7IdQNzlF7NOUecHomMLKe4S7ACFWLlORBXAdrT3cAVtPyFG3ADSfk0

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