Zombie Blues: Bigfoot Hunter Zombie

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

Copyright Owen Quinn

My inner self was highly sceptical that zombies would find and kill Bigfoot. Sasquatch and zombies were polar opposites: one was a fast mover, the other not so much but as I said Mother Nature had great patience.

I love the idea of Bigfoot and Sasquatch or whatever you want to call the big hairy giants that inhabit deep forests and deserted mountains and jungles in certain parts of the world. There is more than enough evidence now to prove they do exist and they are a part of the Time Warriors universe in the Time Warriors Book 3 Red Water. So there was no way I could resist adding them to the universe of Zombie Blues. The challenge was how to do that in a believable manner and tying it into a very real human trait.

I think I’ve probably watched every documentary there is on the subject over the years (this obsession grabbed me at a very early age) and the common thread for those who have had an experience with Bigfoot is that it changed their lives forever. In that moment I had my hook into the story.

I chose a female lead for this one because I had done a similar story for a Time Warriors book where the lead was male. She had an encounter as a child and it sent her on a path to discover what she had really seen. But it became an obsession leading her to miss out on the other things in life so the story is a look at how focusing on one thing to the exclusion of everything else is not healthy and can be soul destroying. It’s a look at blind faith and ho far that faith can take us down a path that may never be answered. Knowing what you witnessed is one thing and gives you a strong stance but what does that make you when the rest of world laughs at you like some sort of freak? Are you a fool or an example of someone resolute in their beliefs? A hero or a zero? Is that journey worthwhile if you do achieve your goal?

It also opens up that Mother Nature knows Bigfoot exists and they too are on her hit list. As her twisted sense of humour shows what better person to hunt down Bigfoot than someone absolutely devoted to proving their existence. Again she takes someone’s passion and twists it to suit her own needs.

Will our Bigfoot hunter achieve in her undead state what she couldn’t in life? Find out today.

To meet Bigfoot Hunter Zombie and others get your copy todsy here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Zombie-Blues-2-Owen-Quinn/dp/B084DGVGVG/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=zombie+blues+owen+quinn&qid=1613905321&sr=8-2

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