TW talks to V’s June Chadwick

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

How did first get into the acting industry?

I started out wanting to do musicals when i was 9 years old!  I went to the Royal Academy of Music in London for 4 years to train as a singer and afterwards trained as a dancer and actress.  I was working in England on stage and film. My agent wanted me to do commercials (which had never occurred to me) and I did over a 100 in 2 years!!  Great training for TV actually.  I was going to check out the New York scene but someone told me to go to LA first, since I’d freeze in N.Y. in February! I landed a 3 week commercial and 2 movie leads within that year so just stayed. My agent was good obviously and they are always looking for “fresh” faces so I lucked out.  Certainly my accent helped but it also was a hindrance since I lost out on some major roles too.

What was your first big break?

My first big breakthrough – “This is Spinal Tap” 

How aware were you of the V universe when you auditioned for the show?

I had not seen “V” when I auditioned.

What do you recall from your first day on set?

1st day on set is always a bit nerve racking!!   Jane Badler was great though.  She helped me be at ease and we had a lot of fun!  We still see each other when she visits from Australia.

What were you given about the character of Lydia?

I think I was only given a small break down for the series & role of Lydia – don’t remember now really. I do remember that it was a small role and I did a lot of walking down the corridor saying : “The leader won’t be pleased” !!  

They expanded the role  thankfully:-)  In fact, I was upset to read a script one night saying Lydia’s ship had been blown up.  They were reducing the size of the cast at the time so I called a producer in a panic!  He told me they were taking me out in order to bring me back in with a larger part. Just before the show was cancelled, they had 6 script outlined with Lydia a lead in the story line –  outside of the spaceship.  it was such a shock when it was cancelled and later the head of NBC said he made a big mistake:-(

What defines V for you?

I’m not sure what defines “V” necessarily for me.  I did base Lydia on being tremendously passionate and loyal to her race/planet, so anything that was a threat to that survival had to be eliminated!  Certainly looking at earth from an alternate angle!

How did you handle the fight scenes?

I think we did all the fight scenes ourselves. 

Copyright NBC

Voiceovers versus television?

I loved doing voice overs. I did a lot when making films in South Africa.

How did you find meeting the fans?

We were always traveling to do charity events and conventions.  it was often very eye opening to see how much compassion is needed out there.  Some of us live in incredibly fortunate circumstances.  I always believed any notoriety I received, was so that I could give back in some way. I’m always surprised by the Facebook fans.  I get friend requests everyday. I think “V” rung a bell with a lot of people that maybe no other show has done in quite the same way. Interestingly, I am now giving back in a different way to how I might have suspected. I trained for 3 years to teach the Alexander Technique, which I first came across in London at the Royal Academy.  It’s a life changing process of learning how to change negative mind/body patterns.  It’s incredibly fascinating how our brains work and our bodies feed off them!  It’s very useful to enable performers to have ease and helps enormously with most kinds of pain.  Of course, i think everyone needs to experience it:-)) The way I look is very much due to the technique since it’s a learned process of youthful movement.  It also teaches ‘being in the present’ which eliminates fear and worry. Mental and physical processes are the same thing i.e. they react simultaneously off each other.

What is life for you these days?

I’m very active with my work and my husband, 3 horses, Rhodesian ridgeback dog and 3 cats.  I ride, go for walks and scuba dive  & swim.  At the end of the day, I read, watch TV!!

Owen Quinn <>7/20/14 
to June

Thanks June,where do I send the envelope to. 

June Chadwick <>7/21/14 
to me

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