Chris Sheerin’s Consequences of Being out now!

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

Life rarely differs in the Irish village of Craiglann, especially for Miles Kivlehan and the other downtrodden unfortunates who reside in the Adullam mission home. But then, in a few short days, everything is turned upside down. The Stranger arrives and moves into the haunted farmhouse opposite the mission home, a local girl goes missing, and an unearthly storm threatens to destroy the town.Enter Tomas. To Miles, Tomas is just a free-spirited wanderer who occasionally returns to Adullam. But to Father Joseph – the mission home’s stern administrator – Tomas is the Devil incarnate. And, as the storm rages and tempers fray over the fate of the missing girl, Tomas intentionally plunges the small township into even greater peril…

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