Broken Law movie now on Netflix

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

Written and directed by Paddy Slattery, Broken Law sees a dedicated cop tested when his convict brother turns up in desperate need of his help. The movie is now playing on Netflix. Check out the trailer below then give it watch. Tristan Heanue plays the Garda, Dave Connolly whose convict brother played by Graham Earley turns his life upside down. The main villain is the vicious Wallace played by Love/Hate’s and Cardboard Gangsters’s John Connors.

I watched it last night and really enjoyed it. A story with great twists that makes you think it’s going to go one way then goes off on a tangent while at the same time doubling as a family drama performed with great zeal and passion. Another cracking gem in Ireland’s movie crown.

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