The Time Warriors: Red Water Book excerpt

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

Copyright Owen Quinn

Summoned by an old friend to the town of Red Water when reports that Bigfoot has murdered a local man emerge, Varran meets an old friend from the past. As they hunt the real killer, Varran’s past is revealed and they face a demon from another dimension; the spearhead of an invasion with Red Water as ground zero!

It took a step back, smashing the horse’s corpse towards them. The group scattered as blood and gore splattered them.

Ben yelled his incantation louder as Ike and Varran kept their weapons on it. Ike was shaking as he realized this was what had murdered his brother. He stared into its malevolent eyes as it looked at him, actually looked at him, almost at his very soul and he could have sworn it smirked gloatingly.

He was sweating as temper flared up within him, his heart screaming at him to pull the trigger and blow this thing’s brains out right now but he felt rather than saw, Ben willing him to keep his calm, not to interfere. All he could see was his brother lying dead on that mountainside, his neck twisted grotesquely. What had he thought in those last seconds as those claws reached for him? Horrified at the answer in his imagining, he dismissed the thought, focusing on the spot right between the creature’s eyes. It was retreating, slashing at the ever nearing Native Americans as whatever they were saying seemed to be actually taking effect. From their position it looked as if it was swatting at a wasp that was dangerously close to its ears as it swiped the air around it with a series of growls. Ralph kept beating the sticks together, releasing the powder as Ben’s chanting reached a crescendo. It stumbled, mucus dipping from its mouth to the ground below. Its entire body arched as it seemed to suffer an electric shock before it launched itself into the air above them.

They fell in all directions with frightened cries but its leap carried it into the boundary of brush. They froze, whirling and spinning round in every direction, waiting for the thing to strike again.

“Where is it? Where is it?” cried Tyran. Ike spun over her, rifle aimed ready to fire, hunter’s instincts rising in him.

“That killed my brother,” he said to Ben.

 Ben’s silence told him everything he needed to know, the lime eyes shining sorrowfully.

“STOP!” yelled Michael, hands held out either side of him, face beetroot with fear. “Tell me exactly what that was because I’m telling you this for nothing; if that was Bigfoot, he’s got a serious dose of the Mister Hyde. And has anyone got a bazooka?” He was terrified. “Calm down,” Jacke whispered. He looked at her wide eyed.

“Did you see that thing? It could have ripped us apart in seconds and we were defenceless. Check out Champion the not so wonder horse or what’s left!”

To read the rest of this thrilling adventure, get your copy here

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