Sons and Broken Noses

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

Written by Damien Aulsberry

Directed and edited by Colin Fleming

Produced by Colin Fleming and Nigel O’Brien


Jake (Eric Lalor) Sean (Jason Byrne) Gabriel Ronan (Robert McCormack) Mick Ronan (Frank O’Sullivan) Benny (Paul Doyle) Martin (Kamil Krawczak) Victim (Paddy Farrelly)

Here at the Time Warriors we love to feature other artists and their talents. Today we are showcasing an Irish short film, Sons and Broken Noses which was released to critical acclaim last year. It’s so good we had to show you guys in case you missed it. With the kind permission of the film makers you can watch the film below.

Sons and Broken Noses is a short contemporary Western with a black comedic edge, starring Jason Byrne, Eric Lalor, Frank O’Sullivan and Robert McCormack.
 Robert McCormack who played Gabriel in the film also appears as Mel Gibson’s son in The Professor and the Madman. Robert is an amazing talent and was a pleasure to work with. Frank O’Sullivan plays our villain and was part of the Night watch in Game of Thrones. Frank is a long time player in The Druid theatre company and a Broadway veteran. Nigel O’Brien was producer and 2nd Unit Director.

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