Starhawk Chronicles Rest and Wreck-reation out now!

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

The planet Utopia is everything its name suggests – a world of incomparable beauty and leisure. An adult playground on a planetary scale.

What the travel brochures do not tell of is that there is a very dark side to paradise. Utopia is a world of shattered dreams with a tragic past, and its owner will do anything necessary to keep that past hidden. Arigh Boke is not a man to be crossed, and will not tolerate upstarts.

But Arigh Boke has never met the crew of the Starhawk.

Jesse Forster and his team have arrived on Utopia for some much needed rest, but a ghost from Jesse’s past is about to help sow the seeds of revolution among Utopia’s downtrodden, pitching the crew of the Starhawk into full-scale rebellion. They are about to teach Arigh Boke the meaning of the word “wreck-reation.”

Get your copy here

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