Heroes of the Time Warriors: Tyran

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

Copyright Owen Quinn

When I originally conceived the main characters of the Time Warriors, it was always going to be ordinary people made extraordinary by the situations they are thrown into. Part of the plan was to put young people in Varran’s life to bring him out of his self imposed solitary lifestyle.

When I thought of Tyran i pictured someone like the singer Pink in appearance. Tyran would be very much her own woman even at eighteen. By an act of serendipity someone drew this impression of her thinking I meant she had pink hair. The minute I saw this that was Tyran. Confident, sassy and unafraid to speak her mind, Tyran is the daughter of a multimillionaire technology company. She has two brothers, Robert and Simon, whom she rules with an iron fist. As much as thy both hate to admit it Tyran is usually right with her inbuilt bitch detector when they bring new girlfriends home. Her knack for tech comes second nature to her.

With a thirst for knowledge she annoys Varran with constant questions about their alien heritage. isn’t afraid either of venting her feelings and disagreeing with Varran on a number of occasions as seen in Venom and Summer’s End when she berates his treatment of the Mentara prisoner. She and Michael develop a brother/sister relationship and while she is fiercely protective of them all, Michael in particular she defends. Rachel, Michael’s partner, feels her wrath in particular over the events of the Michael showcas story, the Survivor. They are captured in Victorian london by the mysterious Mister Wainwright and tortured in his asylum.

Tyran is flung into the deep end of this new life with Varran when she is kidnapped by an organic ship sent from the mythical planet Ether. There she gets caught in a planet wide hostage situation where the Egherian, Sril, believes that Tyran is the one that will murder every last invader from their planet. Similarly in Last Will and Testament Tyran is almost killed when her Dagger shuttle crashes onto an alien planet. Restored By the intervention of nanobots, she is chosen by the only human alive to be her successor, Maggie and become mother to her family of robots. The problem is Maggie’s robotic daughter Tina has other ideas plus the contaminated soil has mingled with Tyran’s blood to create Blood Beasts intent on hunting her down and killing her.

The Collector takes a shine to Tyran and because of her unique solution to saving the Etherians he needs to track her down to Earth especially when they meet again on Cavalandria. In Second Best she is possessed by an alien being mistaken for a ghost. Throughout the course of her adventures Tyran is right there by her friends’ side whether it be Homecoming, witnessing a Sasquatch and a Skinwalker fight in Red Water, Summer’s End or Legacy. In Meltdown Tyran becomes a violent psychotic when a nerve gas is released aboard the Juggernaught changing their personalities.

Tyran and her family are targetted by the Family. Her father’s company is destroyed in a bombing while her parents, James and Lisa, are arrested as terrorists. Her brother, Robert, is also duped and hurt in the attack. It is only thanks to Rachel that brother and sister aren’t killed in Area 52. It is this family loyalty that causes a massive row in The Gift threatening her friendships.

When history changes Tyran becomes part of the rebel resistance, a resistance similar to the one she faced when a prisoner of the dimension parasites in Web of Infinity.

The Belbridge Mystery sees the climax of the clash of personalities between Tyran and Varran when they are trapped on the Mentara homeworld. Tyran sees first hand what the Mentara do with the humans they harvest and ends up teamed up with gambler Elijah. She is charged with saving the citizens of Belbridge from their prison which puts enormous pressure on such a young person. It speaks volumes of Varran’s trust in her that he would leave her to find the answer.

The events of the Belbridge Mystery have changed Tyran forever but there is more to come. The past as they say has a way of showing up when you least expect it.

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