Behind the Story: The Time Warriors Red Water

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

Copyright Owen Quinn Promo art designed by Conaire McMullan

When an old friend of Varran’s calls the Time Warriors to the town of Red Water after he hears Bigfoot has murdered a local, they begin a journey that will not only bring old faces back into Varran’s life but reveal a previously unknown part of the Xereban’s life. Deep in the forests awaits something dark that intends to consume the planet.

There’s no greater fascination for me than the possibility of monsters out there which should not exist. My biggest love has always been for Bigfoot or Sasquatch. It’s been a love of mine ever since I can remember. The classic battle between the Six Million Dollar Man with Bigfoot in the two part story the Secret of Bigfoot only cemented it in my head forever.

When I created the Time Warriors series I always intended for them to follow in the footsteps of Steve Austin and face the giants of the mountains. But how?

Believe it or not my first concept was to have Varran and the others discover a group of Nazis that had been brought to America after the war. While they agreed to work for the American government, they were carrying out their own agenda along side sympathisers to the Nazi cause. The scientists have captured a tribe of Sasquatch and are controlling them via implants. They Intend to build an army of these ape men to take control of the country and begin the Fourth Reich. Hey I was only a kid when i thought of these things so it is kind of hokey but if someone can think a tornado made of sharks is a good idea then nothing is off the table.

Again I rethought it. I realised this was a chance to delve into another part of Varran’s past which had not yet been revealed. In First Footstep I said he had a Native American hand made blanket adorning his wall. Well time to see how that happened. But still how do I work in Bigfoot? The legends are intertwined with Native American myth and artwork. He has been known to them and there are over 108 names of which Sasquatch is but one. No matter how I tried I couldn’t make a connection to Varran’s past. The Skinwalker was an easy addition as it is also part of Native American legends. That would be the villain and there would be a huge punch up between it and Bigfoot very much in the tone of the old Hulk comics where Hulk and whatever equally bulky foe he faced beating the crap out of each other.

So basically at that point the story essentially was there but was missing the spine. Now being fascinated by the subject of Bigfoot I watched every documentary I could find and there it was as if God himself pointed it in my direction. I always had in my head that reality was like a giant honeycomb where certain points were weak allowing access to other dimensions. I also had the lost history of Earth in my head so why not add this in? What if millenia ago there was a war between demons and ancient humans where the demons were sealed in a dark dimension? What if they stayed there, licking their wounds until the day they could break through and reclaim the Earth for themselves. This lent itself to adding the world of the supernatural to the Time Warriors’ universe which expanded it. Therefore the real killer became a innocent wolf possessed by one of these demons twisting it into something unholy. It intended to jump bodies and take over a Bigfoot which would allow the other demons to follow through and do the same.

What Bigfoot really is I explore here and give my own take on it using every part of lore I have ever learned.

Yet I still hadn’t got the missing link to make Varran part of it. By chance I was watching another documentary about a captured young Bigfoot called Jacko. Story goes that Jacko was found by some loggers and captured. He was put on a train to become part of a travelling show run by George Tilbury. However for some reason Jacko disappeared from the moving train from inside a locked cage.

That was it. That was how I connected Varran to the Bigfoot legend and gained the trust of the Native Americans who were more than aware of the Bigfoot species and their purpose in the world.

That was it, that was Red Water complete, all I had to do was string it all together and make it an exciting story. I would love to see the Bigfoot and Skinwalker smackdown on screen or even as art like in the Marvel comic vein.

The story of Red Water is far from over and the sight of a Bigfoot walking the corridors of the Juggernaught have to be revisited again. Strangely enough work has begun on Return to Red Water.

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