M.T. Hart’s Mortal out now!

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

What am I? I mean I know what a vampire is. A vampire drinks blood. But a vampire is immortal. I certainly am not immortal. Am I just a killer? Am I a serial murderer? That can’t be. I crave the blood. And sometimes I even need the blood. So what does this make me?I didn’t ask for the craving, but it is there. I didn’t ask to be this mortal who needs blood like a vampire in a storybook. Maybe this is what a vampire really is, someone like me. Maybe a vampire is only a mortal with an unnatural need to feed on the blood of humans. And how do I deal with this now? Do I continue to be a cold blooded killer? Or do I kill people who deserve to die? God knows there is no shortage of those in the world.

Get your copy today here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088BGQBBG?fbclid=IwAR0UdbKbOl2Ms5UbkabIvnaXNe_DzBp4S5E_pPOiaeeQVFb1Th57yrT50nE

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