The Time Warriors: Spooklight & The Skull out now

Copyright Owen Quinn Cover by Adrian Baldwin and Conaire McMullan

More thrilling adventures from the Time Warriors series. Welcome to two brand new adventures.

In Spooklight, they team up with a pair of paranormal investigators in 1931. What is the secret of the Spooklights? Who is the mysterious Mr Beaumont and why is he so loved by the public? Splitting up, Michael and Varran face the wrath of the Spooklights when the spirits of the dead come back to haunt them. Spirits that will reveal both men’s inner most secrets.

Summoned to 1975, they find Brussels in the grip of a serial killer with a difference. All the bodies have been sucked dry leaving hideous corpses in its wake. As they race to save the latest victim, things go wrong. Jacke disappears while tribal warriors stalk the streets. With no clues, Varran and the others find themselves running out of time. But it may be too late as Jacke comes face to face with the killer. A killer she thought long dead…

Get your copy today by clicking on this link

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