Stephen Carey’s The Road to Anyplace Else

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

Cavan based writer Stephen Carey has released a scary horror survival novella in paperback and on Kindle entitled The Road to Anyplace Else. See Below is the synopsis and where to get your copies.

Copyright Stephen Carey

A dark and twisted road trip to a mysterious world called Anyplace Else.

Sometimes cruel, sometimes kind, it is a different road for different people.
Once you enter Anyplace Else, you will be given a new life. However, there is no guarantee your new life will be a better one. If you decide to enter, there is no going back. On his fifty-fifth birthday, Jim Fletcher decided things had to change. He couldn’t take it anymore. He got in his car and began the arduous journey to his new life. Jim believed that Anyplace Else would grant him everything he was looking for. But Jim was not prepared for what the road was about to show him.

Want a new life? Take a chance. Hit the road.

Get your paperback copy here by clicking on the link

Get your Kindle copy here by clicking on the link

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