Stephen Carey’s Death Must Take You Now!

By Owen Quinn

“My name is Death… and I must take you now.”

Copyright Stephen Carey

Cavan based writer Stephen Carey has released a brand new scary novel on Kindle entitled Death Must Take You Now! Below is the exciting synopsis. Horror has a new dimension.

How did Sam die?

Samuel Page must figure out how he died before his protector, Death, runs out of bullets! A young musician, Sam, wakes up at his kitchen table with no memory of what happened to him or who he is. It is vital that Sam learns the truth before Death takes him to the afterlife. Moving on with no memory of your own death will have severe consequences. Death is forbidden to say too much. Sam must solve this mystery for himself.

As Sam searches for answers, he is pursued by large creatures made of red stone. These relentless creatures have one weakness—Death’s special bullets. With only six bullets in his revolver, Death must make every shot count!

Can the grim gunslinger help Sam recover all of his memories before it is too late?

Get yours today by clicking on this Amazon link

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