The Time Warriors’ villains: The Collector

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

The Collector features in The Time Warriors Book 1: First Footstep in the story Tombs of Ether. Available now on Amazon. Get your copy by clicking on this link

Every hero needs their equal arch enemy. the Doctor has the Master. Sherlock has Moriarty. So the Time Warriors have The Collector.

Long before I knew the Marvel Universe had their own collector, I grew mine from a simple premise. I’ve been collecting sci fi merchandise for years and have seen just how far some collectors will go to complete or add to their collections. So what if I took that to the extreme where entire planets were seen as collectibles? And what if OI personified it in a man of mystery called The Collector? How far would one person go to secure the most prized of possessions?

In Book one First Footstep we meet the Collector in the story Tombs of Ether. When Tyran is kidnapped by an alien organic drop ship, she finds herself alone and cut off from the others on the impossible world of Ether. The native species have been subjugated by the alien mercenary armies of the Vorg. They are under contract with the Collector whom has an intense interest in the reptilian inhabitants of Ether.

Tyran finds herself in the middle of a war for knowledge, of histories long forgotten; of universal secrets that lie within the very minds of the Etherians themselves. Therr is nothing humble about the Collector. When he wants something he takes it no matter what the cost to others. He wants the Etherian species and Tyran is an obstacle to that goal. Below is his entrance into the story.

This one was different.

His stride was confident, his frame possessing an arrogance that matched his stature.

 His shoulder length white hair swung proudly around the red skinned face which made the full mouth of teeth shine like the moon over the Katarsis Lakes on the Vorg home world.

The nose was slender but gave him a regal air. The perfect skin, the intense blue eyes, betrayed nothing but determination. The clothes were a rich fabric the General had not seen since the fall of his civilization. A gorgeous royal navy shirt clasped at the neck by a gold pin matched his fitted black trousers, tucked into shiny knee length boots was completed by a long cloak of a deep saffron color, its edges trimmed with gold lilt.

He called himself the Collector, his real name a mystery and his attire gave one the impression he only liked the richest, most luxurious things in life.

He considers himself above all other beings in the universe taking great pleasure in taunting General Tork of the Vorg army. The Vorg were decimated in a war and now are restoring their world by hiring themselves out for hire. Against Tork’s better instincts he has agreed to a work for the Collector for a very handsome price that will go far to restoring the Vorg homeworld.

This turn in misfortune only serves to give ammunition for the Collector to lord it over his employees. His reaction to tyran is very different. There is an attraction there for him. With Tyran firmly on his radar he takes it as a personal insult when she manages to turn the tables on him and force him off Ether without his prize.

There is a cold determination that runs through the Collector. He has seen much and possesses tech that has been collected from other species. He has the ability to force time forward which he does on helpless Etherian triggering a change that brings him one step nearer to securing the Etherian secret.

Defeated he leaves Tyran with a chilling warning; that he knows where Earth is.

When we meet him in Cavalandria in book 2 The Time Warriors The Voalox Horror availble now on Amazon here he is as cocky as ever and seemingly on a mission of mercy.

This time round we find him a prisoner of the Cavalandrians, lemur type empathic creatures that are on the verge of being exterminated by the fur trading Karosians. This time he has changed his hair and skin colour but still retains that flamboyant style and sharp tongue. and On the surface the Collector seems to be genuinely trying to save the Cavalnadrians from this fate. He offers them a refuge in his collection which will allow them to survive and thrive free from fear of being skinned. The arrival of the Time Warriors and their mistrust of him confuses the issue for th Cavalandrians. It delays their decision and the Karosians attack. Such is his passion Tyran begins to doubt he is being his usual nasty self. Could it be The Collector really is the ebst hope for the Cavalandrians?

Forced to fight together, the Time Warriors and the Collector cause more destruction than good. By the end of the story the Collector is one unhappy bunny with the Time Warriors. There is no doubt he intends to pay them back for their interference.

I know when the Collector is coming back and I can’t wait to write it because this time we are going to see what he is all about. Roll on The Time Warriors Vengeance.

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