The Mandalorian Chapter 14

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues


copyright Owen Quinn

To be honest I haven’t been enamoured by the Mandalorian like the rest of the world seems to have been. This opens some interesting discussions between myself and my buddy Stephen who loves it. Before you say it, I’ve bought my giant Funko Child figure, a Mando T shirt and I’m getting some action figures from Santa. For me, it’s been pretty weak but I still watch it hoping for that magic moment that will finally convert me.

Guess what?

I’m finally converted. We have progressed beyond the mere sprinkling Star Wars references and characters to cover up weak stories just as in the Tremors episode with the giant worm. Yes you R5D4.

But here we go. We finally have the answer to much fan speculation in an episode that is so quiet in its undertones that it screams classic.

We learn that the armour the Mandalorian got in the Tremors episode belonged to Boba Fett and now he’s back to reclaim it. To be honest the reveal could have been done a lot better. When we see Slave flying through the atmosphere it was clear who was coming. However seeing the cloaked scarred figure threw us off. Could it be him or was it just someone in a similar ship?

But like Luke Skywalker pulling his hood back when confronted by Rey at the climax of The Force Awakens, the reveal of the face of Temuera Morrison confirms that Boba Fett survived the Sarlacc pit. This is referenced by a throwaway line of being left for dead in the desert.

But this episode rectifies what I always complain to Stephen about. Now the show is using the elements of the Star Wars universe we know so well and expanding upon them in an imaginative way. This now only adds new dimensions to the characters we know from the movies but does it for the better. Boba Fett as a skilled almost Ninja like warrior is a joy to watch. It wets the appetite for his return in full armour to take down the Imperial ships is a punch the air moment.

Add to that the capture of the Child and his tapping into the Force at the ruin on Corvus as well as the loss of the Mandalorian’s ship was gripping stuff packing a lot into the thirty minute episode. It pushes the story forward as Moff Gideon has the Child in his clutches and his intentions are far from pleasant.

We know Thrawn is out there and things are bleak. If I were to rate this episode it would be on the Empire Strikes Back score. Things look hopeless so just how are they going to resolve it all?

I for one can’t wait to see.

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