Scientific breakthrough echoes Time Warriors story

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

Novelist Owen Quinn has had a rather prophetic incident…

Scientists have revealed they have created a new jellyfish life form called a Medusoid (pictured below).
In a surprising twist of reality paralleling fiction, Owen Quinn’s story Experiment Four in his first novel The Time Warriors: First Footsteps, genetically engineered jellyfish monsters storm an island off the west coast of Ireland. A raging battle ensues against these escaped experiments and all life is threatened with extinction.

And now in reality the Medusoid has been created by American tissue engineers using artificial elastic silicone.
It resembles a jellyfish and propels itself through the water when stimulated with electricity but it has no brain- yet.
However, they are working on newer, evolved versions that can think for themselves. Using rat heart cells they were able to reverse engineer the anatomy of a jellyfish and were surprised by the results.
Author Owen Quinn said: “Those guys had better be careful. Experiment Four is more than a story; it’s a reality waiting to happen. And the Time Warriors may not be there to save us this time.”

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