The Soulless Audiobook – Unabridged out now!

Posted by Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

Tim Burchett and Amber Louise Forest never suspected they had boarded a cruise ship headed straight to Hell. They couldn’t have been any more different. Tim was a former armored car driver laying low on the cruise ship after making off with half a million dollars of his employer’s stolen cash. Amber was the successful CEO of a multi-million dollar publishing company taking a much needed vacation from her high-stress job. Neither one could have predicted that their cruise ship would be hijacked by terrorists. Neither one could have predicted that they would have to rely on each other to survive. But the terrorists are the least of their problems. After the cruise ship’s controls are blasted and the ship is sent far off course, they find themselves shipwrecked on a remote Pacific island. On the island, Tim and Amber must survive outrageous terrors created by a twisted science that exceed a lunatic’s most deranged nightmares.

Get your copy here

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