Morgan James Allen’s Tales of Ulidia out now!

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

One Man. Two Worlds. Three Generations.

Out now on Amazon is Tales of Ulidia: The Trinity Knot.

Morgan James Allen’s debut novel is a tour-de-force. Set in two versions of Ireland in 1994, it follows the path of one man, Lewis Summer, into a parallel world, a world where the Roman Empire never existed, where the British Isles and Northern Europe are ruled by a Federation of Celtic and Teutonic States and where the sinister Druidic Order seeks to extend its control across the globe and across universes.
‘The Trinity Knot’ is a novel that needs to be unravelled. On the one hand, it is a story of romance; of one man’s love;; a love that propels him into another world, a world he has only ever understood via ancient Celtic myth. It is a political thriller, where four nations must find common ground and discover who their real enemy is. And finally, it is a tale beyond dimensions, where the Celtic gods of old operate and influence the destinies of billions.

Get your Kindle copy today by clicking here

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