Coming soon: M.S. Olney’s Voyage for the Sundered Crown IV

By Owen Quinn author of the Time Warriors and Zombie Blues

Coming soon to Amazon on Kindle, the latest exciting chapter of the Sundered Crown saga. Set your clocks for the 30th December 2020 and get your Kindle copy of the latest chapter by clicking here

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Other titles in this series and more can be found by clicking here

The Kingdom of Delfinnia has fallen, but hope remains.

Sent on a daring voyage to seek out allies from across the sea the wizard, Luxon Edioz and his companions rediscover the continent of Tulin. A land that is full of dangers, magic, and adventure.

There they will find new allies, new wonders, and new enemies. As Danon’s conquest draws closer to completion, Luxon must use all of his wits and powers to unite the peoples of Tulin and convince them to help him save his homeland. 

It will be a voyage that will test him to his limits and one that will decide the fate of all.  

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